Amazing 'Toy Story' Theory Reveals the Link Between Jessie and Andy's Mom

Amazing 'Toy Story' Theory Reveals the Link Between Jessie and Andy's Mom

Feb 25, 2014

We love Pixar movies around here, not only because they’re charming, adorable and as entertaining for adults as they are for kids, but also because Pixar loves to hide Easter eggs and other nifty little things inside its films. Some of these things are only discovered after multiple viewings and lots of theorizing – like today’s revelation involving Andy’s mom from the Toy Story movies.

"Pixar Theory" writer Jon Negroni has penned a really interesting piece tying together Andy’s cowboy hat, the Jessie doll and Andy’s mother that builds and expands on an earlier observation. In that theory, a viewer notes that Andy’s cowboy hat matches the one worn by Jessie in the movies, save for the white-lace band. The author then makes the assumption that the hat originally belonged to Andy’s mother as a child, and that she’s passed it down to her son (minus the lace, of course). That’s pretty interesting, right? Well, Negroni takes that theory to a whole other level.

Negroni surmises that Woody was Andy’s father’s toy – and was passed down to the son on his fifth birthday. That’s cool and all, but what about Jessie and the hat?

Well, the short version is that Emily, the girl who owned Jessie and a very similar hat to the one Andy sports in the movies, is actually Andy’s mother as a child. Negroni goes in depth with the support for his thesis, pointing out that Emily and Andy’s mother would be the same age, they have similar hair styles, and so on. Then he makes the leap that Jessie is the same doll she gave away all those years ago, returned to her son through a twist of fate. That’s pretty damn cool if it’s right.

Of course, he gets more into it in the article, so you really should swing by and check it out – especially if you love Pixar and hidden things in film. We suspect Negroni’s on to something here – which only leads us to wonder what other things are hidden in Pixar’s filmography that no one has yet discovered?

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