Awesome Stan Winston Special Effects Tutorials Take Us Back to 'Jurassic Park,' 'Aliens' and More

Awesome Stan Winston Special Effects Tutorials Take Us Back to 'Jurassic Park,' 'Aliens' and More

Mar 06, 2012

Stan Winston and his FX teamJust when you think you’ve seen every single cool thing on the Internet, something like these awesome special effects tutorials from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts turn up and prove that there’s more to the online experience than Nyan Cat videos – and thank God for that. 

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a school named in the late Winston's honor until Bleeding Cool shared these videos, but a quick perusal of their website says the school is “partnered with the majority of Hollywood's top effects artists and studios to develop, produce, and distribute ultra-high quality online Creature FX video tutorials teaching the innovative techniques and processes used to create cinema's most memorable characters.”

The school is an online operation (which is kinda disappointing – how awesome would it be to go to an actual school with courses taught by the world’s top effects artists?) which runs on a subscription model. Users pay a fee to view videos of the lessons. We have no desire to be effects artists, personally, but the clips are fascinating even if you’re only interested in how these guys create these amazing bits of movie magic.

Below, find some very cool teasers of the school’s videos – including test footage of the animatronic T-Rex from Jurassic Park, a bloody throat slash from Interview with the Vampire, and a test of Alien Queen from Aliens. If you’re interested in more, check out the school’s website, where you can purchase full length DVDs with specialized lessons in creating your own practical and digital effects. If you're not totally sold on enrolling, check out the school's YouTube channel for more clips and teasers.

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