Things We Need to Own: This Awesome Real-Life Power Loader Inspired by 'Aliens'

Things We Need to Own: This Awesome Real-Life Power Loader Inspired by 'Aliens'

Mar 10, 2014

Body Extender power loader exoskeleton suitThe race to create a real-life power loader like the one featured in Aliens is officially underway. The future wherein you drive a multimillion-dollar piece of machinery around while pretending to crush a Xenomorph queen’s head in your vicelike grips is just around the corner. Is this the most amazing time to be alive or what?

Last month, we showed you video footage of Panasonic’s prototype for an exoskeleton suit that could be used to move very heavy objects. Today, we’ve got a report on a rival power loader that comes from engineers at the Italian Perceptual Robotics Laboratory in Pisa.

The engineers behind the new machine envision it being used in factories (where it can move heavy loads far more effectively than a traditional worker), but also in disaster relief efforts (clearing debris), or military and therapeutic situations as well. Personally, I like to imagine it as our last line of defense in an alien invasion.

The mechanized metal suit is worn over the body and can lift up to 50 kg in each hand. That it looks totally awesome is just the proverbial icing on the cake.

The BBC has been kind enough to provide the full details on the machine in the video below. No word on when Panasonic or the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory might have their machines out in the real world, but that day can’t come soon enough.

[via Design Taxi]


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