Awesome Horror Movie Coloring Book Gets in Trouble for Marketing Itself to Small Children

Awesome Horror Movie Coloring Book Gets in Trouble for Marketing Itself to Small Children

Jul 03, 2013

Colour Me Good: Arrggghhhh!! is 16 pages of coloring book insanity, featuring scenes from Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, The Shining and other horror greats. The plethora of knives, gore and victims makes it clear this isn't kid's stuff — but apparently British retailer Tesco didn't get the memo. The company tried to sell the creepy coloring book by marketing it for children five to eight years old. It has since been removed from its website, and publisher Mel Elliot responded to clarify the situation:
"Firstly, and most importantly, my products are not aimed at kids. They are a contemporary, pop-culture-inspired range that are aimed at playful grown-ups. I was unaware that Tesco were a stockist as a separate distribution company deal with wholesale of my products. The front cover of Colour Me Good Arrggghhhh!! features a drawing from the horror movie Psycho in which a woman is stabbed to death in the shower. I believe that this one image is a fairly large clue that this is not a book aimed at children. However, it does state on Tesco’s website that my products are aimed at five to eight year olds, which is an error on their part."
While we tsk tsk at Tesco for carelessly frightening children everywhere, let's take a look at some of the pages from Colour Me Good: Arrggghhhh!!. On a related note: do you think Color Me Badd regrets the extra "d" in their name or Sam Watters' hair?

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