See How One Fan Created His Own Awesome Wolverine Claws

See How One Fan Created His Own Awesome Wolverine Claws

May 16, 2014

Wolverine Claws fan made

In the pantheon of badass weapons, few things can compete with Wolverine’s Adamantium claws. Made of a metal that can slice through almost anything, attached to his skeleton, and spring-loaded like six of the deadliest switchblades ever made, Logan’s razor-sharp blades have been a fanboy fantasy since they made their debut way back in 1974.

Over the years, fans have crafted their very own versions of the claws, but this set -- crafted by YouTube user ColinFurze – is easily the most amazing of the bunch. What sets them apart? They’re actually fully extendable and retractable thanks to an air tank carried in a backpack.


Sure, these aren’t exactly svelte – you’ve got to carry around a tank filled with air to get the full effect, after all – but seeing them in action is still pretty darn impressive. They even spark when he rubs them together. Needless to say, the bar on fan-made Wolverine claws has just been raised significantly.

Watch the video above to see Furze geeking out over (his admittedly awesome) creation. He slices cardboard, decapitates a watermelon, and even kills an inflatable doll. Then, if you’re thinking you really need your own set of these amazing claws to fight evil mutants, check out the second video, where he shares the details of how he made them.

Colin Furze, you win the Internet. 

[via Design Taxi]




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