See How the Freakiest Scene in the 'RoboCop' Remake Came to Be

See How the Freakiest Scene in the 'RoboCop' Remake Came to Be

Feb 21, 2014

Robocop VFX tests

Jose Padilha’s remake of RoboCop may not be a complete success (it’s earned $103 million worldwide so far, putting it just over its $100 million budget), but there’s no denying that it’s an impressive-looking film from a visual standpoint. There’s a lot of CGI on display in the feature, and today we’ve got some videos and photos that show you how that movie magic was achieved (hint: it involves computers).

Oh, and before we dig in, we should warn you that this stuff falls into SPOILER territory if you haven’t seen the film. So, back out now if you don’t want to know anything about what happens in RoboCop beyond the trailers.

Okay, now that they’re gone, let’s get down to it.

Blog Film Sketchr recently scored an interview with visual designer Igor Knezevic, who was kind enough to share some still images from his work on the film. Knezevic did some key design work on one of the film’s most important (and freakiest) scenes: the reconstruction/deconstruction of RoboCop.

Robocop VFX 2

Knezevic reveals that he did a lot of work on the high-tech table where the assembling takes place, which was featured prominently in the film. He tells the site that the real challenge of the piece was making it so that the various parts moved without hitting each other because the table was going to be physically built for the scene and then augmented with CGI, meaning it had to be practical in the real world.

To augment the photos, Method Studios has also released two behind-the-scenes videos showing how scenes in the film were digitally enhanced. The first involves this very table and reassembly, while the second has Sam Jackson doing a lot of work in front of a green screen. We're shocked they didn’t CGI his hair!

Check out the vids below, then hit Film Sketchr for more photos and the full interview with Mr. Knezevic. 






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