The Award for Sneakiest Paparazzi Attack Goes to … Shia Labeouf

The Award for Sneakiest Paparazzi Attack Goes to … Shia Labeouf

Oct 18, 2010

When it comes to swarming paparazzi, every celebrity is different. Some welcome the cameras, smiling and posing as if auditioning for a magazine cover shoot. Others … well, get creative. We’ve seen celebrities go on the offensive by cursing and throwing up the middle finger, while others take it one step further by staging a physical attack in the form of grabbing a camera, shoving a photographer, or – my personal favorite – full-on linebacker tackle with broken camera and optional bloody forehead.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen pretty much everything by now, so much so that paparazzi beatdowns just aren’t interesting anymore unless Paris Hilton hits someone with her car going 60mph. And even that's sort of ... meh. That’s why massive props have to be given to Shia LaBeouf for getting back at a paparazzi photographer in highly entertaining fashion without suffering any legal consequences.

See, LaBeouf was taking a break from shooting Transformers 3 in Washington, D.C. at a local coffee shop while calmly and quietly writing what we assume to be an intimate diary about how awesome and magical Carey Mulligan is when a few photographers began to approach him like mosquitoes swarming around a fat man with no bug spray on. LaBeouf decided to escape the situation as quickly as possible by running down the street, but before he fled the scene he nonchalantly threw his coffee all over a photographer … and then faded into the distance.

For this act of bold hilarity, we award Shia LaBeouf this week’s award for Sneakiest Paparazzi Attack. Watch, and enjoy.

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