Watch: The First 'Avengers' Clip Calls in Scarlett Johansson for a Mission

Watch: The First 'Avengers' Clip Calls in Scarlett Johansson for a Mission

Apr 04, 2012

The Avengers is one of those movies with an inherent draw so massive one would think Disney doesn't exactly need to lay it on thick with the marketing. And yet the marketing push for it, from toys to posters for every conceivable character to food tie-ins, just keeps growing like a pissed off Hulk. And while we're not exactly dying from all the new material that's out there for fans to chow down on should they so desire, we're really hoping they don't open the floodgates on an even larger marketing blitz now that the film is mere weeks away. At this point, we're fairly sure anyone with access to a movie theater knows full well that The Avengers is on the horizon. You'd think they'd save a few marketing bucks and scale it back a bit, no?

That's a roundabout way of saying today sees the online release of the first clip from the film, which finds Black Widow (Scarlett Johanasson) in a cocktail dress tied to a chair, which surprisingly isn't something that prevents her from beating the crap out of the men who put her there. It's an amusing clip, not only for the fighting or the cleavage, but because it's our first earful of conversation in a comic book movie as written by Joss Whedon.

And don't worry, there are no spoilers contained within.

Thanks to Screen Crush for the embed.

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