Avatar on DVD: The Na’vi Will Conquer Your Living Room Sooner Than You Think

Avatar on DVD: The Na’vi Will Conquer Your Living Room Sooner Than You Think

Feb 19, 2010

James Cameron was already the self-proclaimed “King of the World” after Titanic, but that wasn’t enough for our Jimmy. He had to go ahead and make Avatar—that little flick about a phosphorescent blue world with giant blue people called the Na’vi that has made over $2.3 billion worldwide, is now the highest-grossing movie ever, and looks to be the first sci-fi film to ever win a Best Picture Oscar. Fanboys, start erecting your shrines to Cameron now—2010 will be the year that giant alien Smurfs finally triumph over years of overwrought kitchen-sink dramas, sepia-hued indies, stuffy period pieces and exploitative tales from the ghetto.

CNN reported people suffering “Avatar blues” because they wanted to live on the Na’vi’s pretty Pandora planet and didn’t want to return to their normal lives. These folks (and you know who you are) have probably tapped into their life savings to keep seeing Avatar in theaters, but relief is on the horizon. According to an interview with Cameron in The Wall Street Journal , you’ll be able to bring the Na’vi home on disc—not so coincidentally—on Earth Day. "We´ll do the Blu-ray and the standard-def DVD April 22,” he said. “That´s our plan as of right now, and that´ll be pretty much bare bones. And then we´ll do a value-added DVD and a 3-D Blu-ray in I think November sometime."

So mark your calendars: celebrate Earth Day by buying millions of non-biodegradable plastic cases and discs of Avatar and then give thanks for studio double-dipping around Thanksgiving when the 3D Blu-ray comes out. After that, Cameron should have enough money to build his own Pandora.

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