The Next 'Sharknado'? Syfy Unleashes a Trailer for 'Avalanche Sharks'

The Next 'Sharknado'? Syfy Unleashes a Trailer for 'Avalanche Sharks'

Oct 14, 2013

Avalanche Sharks posterBack in my day, all killer-shark movies were basically just riffs on Jaws. People go into the water, sharks are in the water... cue "Spanish Ladies" and call it a wrap. For kids nowadays, it's not good enough to just let sharks eat people at the beach -- now they've gotta come out of tornados, or have multiple heads, or swim through sand, or be genetically matched with octopi. With all those bases covered, it was only a matter of time before the sharks took to the slopes.
That's the premise of Avalanche Sharks (huge mistake with that title -- how is this not Shark-alanche?), another Syfy classic in the making.
Spring breakers head to the mountains to get their party on, but start getting picked off one by one when killer sharks start patrolling the snowy landscape. How do the sharks swim through snow? I think the trailer tries to explain it, but who really cares? It's sharks swimming through snow eating college kids -- what more do you want?
We think it's safe to say we all know that Avalanche Sharks will be stupid and silly, but maybe there's some fun to be had here. Can Syfy recapture the magic of Sharknado with this new flick? No one knows, but we'll presumably find out sometime in the coming months. There's no official air date yet, but you can check out the official trailer below.




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