Attention Rabid Fans: Cujo Gets a 25th Anniversary Grooming

Attention Rabid Fans: Cujo Gets a 25th Anniversary Grooming

Sep 10, 2009

In the annals of films that feature killer canines, the 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s Cujo still leads the back. The titular Saint Bernard is bitten by a rabid bat and becomes increasingly aggressive—eventually going postal and taking down his owner. This is not good news for Dee Wallace-Stone’s character and her young son, who have traveled to the owner’s rural car shop for repairs. The two become trapped in their broken-down Pinto while a crazed Cujo is literally foaming at the mouth at a chance to make them chew toys. Although some of the earlier scenes seem dated and the film’s premise will not endear itself to dog owners who have framed pictures of their pooches on their mantles, this low-budget shocker still boasts an impressive performance by Wallace-Stone (here again in protective-mother-hen mode) and the dog itself, who convinced Blu-ray Bob at a tender young age that cats are better for your health. Lionsgate will release Cujo: 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray on November 24 so you can see the giant Saint Bernard lose his marbles in glorious high definition. Extras include audio commentary by director Lewis Teague and a three-part documentary called “Dog Days: The Making of Cujo.” We’re still waiting for Son of Cujo, Cujo Takes Manhattan or the inevitable remake.

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