Attention Movie-Toy Fans: Sweet New 'Iron Giant,' 'Halloween' and Hitchcock Collectibles Are Coming Out

Attention Movie-Toy Fans: Sweet New 'Iron Giant,' 'Halloween' and Hitchcock Collectibles Are Coming Out

Jul 21, 2014

Good old Funko is at it again with a new nostalgia-themed line of toys that is sure to appeal to your inner horror nerd. This series of fright-film baddies, called the ReAction Line, includes killer mini versions of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, Sam, the Crow, Ghostface and Michael Myers. The product description advises that the line “has a look and style that harkens back to classic action figures made by companies like Kenner.” Don’t mind if we do.

Each figure has five points of articulation, just like the old school ‘70s and ‘80s toys, and comes with a fun accessory. You can preorder your own horror villain now and receive it just in time for Halloween (are we there yet?) in September.

Also on the pop culture-inspired toy front is Mondo’s new line of playthings. You already know the Austin-based company for its incredible posters and rad vinyl releases. Well, the company is sticking to its motto: “We're fans who've made it and are making stuff for fans.” Comic-Con attendees will be treated to a peek at Mondo’s first wave of toys this week, including a “16-inch figure of the central robot from The Iron Giant, a vinyl figure based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cocreator Kevin Eastman's first drawing of a Ninja Turtle, a 'Lil Mikey' vinyl figure based on a Mondo TMNT poster by artist Mike Mitchell, and a sixth-scale action figure of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock.”

Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael is dedicated to selling authentic, quality, fan-friendly merchandise: "I want to be Todd McFarlane for this generation of toys and get it to where it's not OK to put out crappy toys. If you put out crappy toys, they won't sell because there's all this good stuff next to it."

Read more about Ishmael’s goals for Mondo on USA Today.




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