At Comic-Con: Silver Samurai, Vin Diesel's Marvel Tease, 'The Crow' Teaser, and More Things You May Have Missed

At Comic-Con: Silver Samurai, Vin Diesel's Marvel Tease, 'The Crow' Teaser, and More Things You May Have Missed

Jul 20, 2013

The first two days of Comic-Con are officially in the bag, and there's been no shortage of news coming out of this year's show to tease, titillate and otherwise drive the geek-friendly masses into a frenzy of anticipation. The second day of events featured new footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (and an interview with Electro himself, Jamie Foxx), as well as much-anticipated previews of the RoboCop remake, Vin Diesel and David Twohy's Riddick, and even an early peek at the pilot for the Marvel movieverse spin-off series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And that was just some of the big news that came out of Friday's events. Here are 10 more things you might have missed from day two of Comic-Con International in San Diego:


Even the Silver Samurai showed up!

He makes his big-screen debut in a week, but that didn't stop Logan's nemesis in The Wolverine, Silver Samurai, from dropping by Comic-Con. The massive (and very, very shiny) sword-wielding character was on display outside the convention center for all to see, and offered an impressive image to kick off the day's events. [via Superhero Hype]


Crawl to Me movie goes global

A big-screen adaptation of Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert's critically praised comic Crawl to Me has been in the works for a while now, but the project took a big step forward with the announcement yesterday that Spanish director Victor Garcia (Mirrors 2) and producer Rodar y Rodar (The Orphanage) are now attached to the film. The celebrated international filmmakers will join Robert and his producing partners to bring the terrifying 2011 story to the screen. The comic chronicles the slow descent into madness for the new owners of an old house with some morbid history. [via Variety]



Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks get life-size Lego treatment

The stars of The Lego Movie were in attendance Friday in Lego form, courtesy of a pair of “life-size” versions of their characters in the film unveiled at the Lego booth. If you can't show up in person or in costume, a life-size Lego version of yourself really is a good alternative at Comic-Con – though with Marvel's big movie  panel still to come and Pratt starring in the studio's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, there's still a chance the actor could make a surprise appearance at the show. [via Slashfilm]


The Dead Space movie is still alive

The movie based on celebrated game franchise Dead Space is moving forward with screenwriter Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) helping to develop the story and publisher Electronic Arts taking a more active role in developing the project. During its Comic-Con panel, EA confirmed that it's not willing to see the project fall into development limbo like its Mass Effect and The Sims films, and it plans to bring the project to studios with a finished script and at least partial financing. Marks acknowledged the influence of films like Event Horizon and Alien on the game but promised a “new and intriguing” spin on the premise, which finds a lone engineer struggling to survive aboard a massive spaceship filled with alien creatures that were once his crewmates. [via Variety]


Studio Ghibli scores to receive vinyl release

Some of the most popular animated features in the world will have their music collected in limited-edition vinyl format later this month (July 26, to be exact), prompting intense celebration from that rare overlap of hard-core music nerds and anime fans. “Studio Ghibli Kokyo Kyokushu” will feature selections from award-winning films such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, as performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Mondo is producing and selling the collections, and will also offer three different versions of each album with artwork specific to certain films. [via Cruncyroll]


Vin Diesel teases “very big news” for Marvel project

During the Riddick panel, Vin Diesel fielded a question about that mysterious Marvel project he met with the studio to discuss (and later teased with a photo of himself in front of an old Avengers comic cover). “That's the one question I'm not supposed to say anything on,” he told the fan. “I will say there is some very big news coming at the end of this month.” Let the speculation continue, true believers! [via Comic Book Resources



James Robinson gets frank about his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen script

Celebrated comic scribe James Robinson didn't shy away from discussing his work on the famously panned adaptation of Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen during an interview Friday, saying he was well aware that his script for the film wasn't the most faithful translation of the series. “I wanted to write that film because it was an opportunity for me, but this is not the way these characters should be portrayed,” he confessed to thinking during the project. “The perfect version... would have been a British BBC series with great character actors, where it doesn't rely on them being handsome or a box office draw and special effects, along the lines of Torchwood and Doctor Who.” Robinson said he isn't surprised the series is headed to television for yet another adaptation. “We'll see how good it is,” he said. [via Comic Book Resources]


The Crow creator debuts poster for upcoming reboot

The upcoming reboot of The Crow franchise has its very first teaser poster, courtesy of the series' creator, James O'Barr. The film, which is now set to be directed by F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall) and star Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6) as the iconic gothic hero, will reportedly go back to the original comic book source material for inspiration, with O'Barr serving as creative consultant. [via Shock Till You Drop]


The Avengers actress confirmed for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cameo

Actress Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) will reprise her role as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill in Marvel's movieverse spin-off TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which premieres September 24. Her return as Nick Fury's second in command was confirmed during a Comic-Con screening of the pilot episode of the series. Last seen in The Avengers, Hill is expected to have a role in The Avengers 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in addition to a potentially recurring role in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series. [via THR]


Alfonso Cuaron reveals “accident” that made memorable Children of Men scene

During a panel for his upcoming film Gravity, director Alfonso Cuaron revealed that one of the most memorable scenes in his Oscar-nominated 2006 film Children of Men was made even more so by virtue of an accident that occurred during filming. In the scene, which unfolds during a single take, several members of the cast are attacked in their car while traveling on an isolated, wooded road. As one of the characters is injured, blood splatters onto the camera amid the chaos both inside and outside the vehicle. At the panel, Cuaron revealed that the scene was filmed on the last possible day they were allowed to use the location, on the last possible take. “We were shooting the last take, everything goes great, but then by accident the blood spills onto the lens,” he recalled. “I yelled cut, but there was an explosion and nobody heard me so they kept shooting. Then, later, I realized that the blood splash was the miracle [in that scene].” [via i09]


Come back tomorrow for another roundup of things you might have missed at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego!








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