Roland Emmerich to Destroy the Human Race in Movie Version of Asteroids?

Roland Emmerich to Destroy the Human Race in Movie Version of Asteroids?

Jun 08, 2011

What's there left to do for a director who's already destroyed earth via alien invasion, global warming and Mayan prophecy? How about a spiritual sequel to all those in which earth has been destroyed by aliens who lead the surviving humans to believe they're actually rescuing them from destruction only to turn around and attempt to wipe them out again! Sounds pretty convoluted, but according to Vulture that's the idea they've come up with for a feature-length movie based on the popular 1970s Atari video game, Asteroids.

The site claims Roland Emmerich has been offered the director's chair by Universal and Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The script was written by Matt Lopez (The Race to Witch Mountain), and while Emmerich has sworn off making any more films that involve the destruction of earth, this one is okay because earth has already been destroyed. Vulture calls it an "ersatz sequel" to Emmerich films like Independence Day and 2012, though it probably won't feature any of the characters from either of those films.

Could this be Emmerich's answer to that Independence Day sequel he wanted to make, but probably won't? The one thing we're concerned about is the plot, though it may also be extensive and hard to fit into a small paragraph. It seems like surviving humans were brought to colonies along an asteroid belt (video game reference alert!) by aliens who have ulterior motives ... like killing them all! Why the aliens just wouldn't leave them on a destroyed planet to fend for themselves and eventually die off, we do not know. But with Emmerich and aliens, our interest is definitely piqued. Just don't end it by killing the aliens with a computer virus this time please.


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