'Assassin's Creed' Finally Moves Forward With Michael Fassbender Starring, Producing

'Assassin's Creed' Finally Moves Forward With Michael Fassbender Starring, Producing

Jul 09, 2012

Video game maker UbiSoft has been trying to get into the feature film game for a while now (they spun off Ubisoft Motion Pictures years ago), but unfortunately the dud that was Disney's Prince of Persia sandbagged their attempts. It seems they've finally been able to shake off that setback, though, and an often discussed adaptation of their very popular game series Assassin's Creed is moving forward.

This time UbiSoft seems to have learned their lesson about handing a title off to a studio and then letting them control everything. They're going the independent route for Assassin's Creed and developing the film outside of the studio system. And to do so they've (quite wisely, he's perfect for the gig) attached Michael Fassbender, who will not only star in the film about a time traveling, murderous relic hunter, but will co-produce as well. And now that it has its star and own development team, UbiSoft will have a much easier time attaching a writer and director. Once that's done, they'll shop it around to studios for distribution.

All of this is an unsurprising attempt to try and make sure they actually create a film franchise starter this time out. That was supposed to happen to Prince of Persia, but its measly US box office performance killed any chance of sequels. And since Assassin's Creed already has five games in its series (and that's not even counting spin-off media and smaller, mobile games), obviously it'll be a crippling blow to UbiSoft's feature film aspirations if they fail to deliver a hit two times in a row.

Below is the trailer for the latest entry in the franchise. The first few travel back to historic Europe, but the newest takes place during the Revolutionary War.

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