Artist Uses Video Budget for 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' to Help Typhoon Victims in the Phillippines

Artist Uses Video Budget for 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' to Help Typhoon Victims in the Phillippines

Dec 17, 2013



A director was contacted by 20th Century Fox and asked to make a promotional film to help spread the word about Ben Stiller’s new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The film centers on an awkward and quiet guy who retreats into his fantasy world where he’s a damn hero. Essentially, it’s about chasing your dreams. Director Casey Neistat told the studio he would gladly take their $25,000 production budget if they allowed him to fly to the Philippines and help the victims of the typhoon that made landfall in early November this year.

Surprisingly, and much to the skepticism of many Internet folks out there, Fox said yes. This is the video Neistat captured, which many people believe was staged by the studio. It’s a feel-good situation, as bags of supplies are handed to desperate people whose lives have clearly been turned upside down by the typhoon. At one point Neistat shows us what $25,000 in supplies actually looks like while he loads two buses worth of food, which is meant to remind us how wasteful Hollywood (and we) can be.

In our current viral-everything-obsessed world it takes something unique to stand out. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel and his twerking video. Website Upworthy is one of several entities leading an era of insufferable slacktivism and positivity. We grit our teeth at the idea that some marketing schmo may have taken advantage of a devastating disaster to promote a freaking movie, but sadly we wouldn’t be surprised. In the end, $25,000 went to people in need, so it wasn’t a total loss if this thing was fake.

What do you make of the video?


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