Watch the Final 'Arrival' Trailer: Miss This and You're Missing the Year's Best Sci-Fi Movie

Watch the Final 'Arrival' Trailer: Miss This and You're Missing the Year's Best Sci-Fi Movie

Oct 20, 2016

With so many recent alien invasion movies relying more on spectacle and explosions, we've become sort of numb when it comes to watching outer-space villains destroy iconic cities and landmarks. That doesn't mean we're not interested in alien invasion movies, and this November's Arrival looks to bring us a much-welcomed twist on the genre, revealing itself to be a nerdier movie that's more about communication than it is violence.

It almost looks like the alien invasion version of that age-old advice your parents gave about using your words instead of your fists.

Here's the final trailer.


Arrival stars Amy Adams as a linguist who's brought in by the government in what appears to be a last ditch effort to communicate with an alien race who've arrived with 12 ships, scattered in different locations throughout the globe. Can they make proper contact before all hell breaks loose? 

Whereas a movie like Independence Day would include one or two scenes of someone trying to communicate with the aliens before the proverbial sh*t goes down, this appears to be an entire film about communication, which plays out more like a psychological thriller than a summer blockbuster -- and we dig that about it.

Arrival has already been the talk of the film festivals it's screened at, where this writer (and many others) have pegged it to be the year's nerdiest sci-fi movie and maybe even its best. Here's my 30-second review for more.


In addition to the trailer, here are 12 posters for the film, each representing a different ship's location somewhere in the world. And unlike other alien invasion movies, the various countries play an integral role in the story instead of remaining in the background as an afterthought. This is very much a film about communicating with an alien race, as well as one about the ways in which we communicate with each other, too.

Arrival hits theaters on November 11. Check out the posters below along with their locations.

Montana (USA)




Black Sea (Russia)


Devon (UK)








Kujalleq (Greenland)




Sierra Leone


Indian Ocean


Hokkaido (Japan)


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