Arrested Development, New Moon and the new X-Men mutants

Arrested Development, New Moon and the new X-Men mutants

Nov 26, 2008

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    Arrested Development

    Arrested Development Don’t Get Too Excited There are only two TV series that are perfect from start to finish. One is Freaks and Geeks. Literally every episode is flawless in every single way. The other is Arrested Development. I’m not going to get too excited about the sort-of-official announcement that the movie is going to happen, but OH-MY-GOD-CAN-YOU-BELIEVE-THEY’RE-REALLY-GOING-TO-MAKE-AN-ARRESTED-DEVELOPMENT-MOVIE-HOLY-CRAP!!!
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    New Moon

    Twilight Breaking Yawn In a shocking development, the studio has greenlit the Twilight sequel. At some point, I will break down and read the books, so I can hate them, too.
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    The Wrestler

    The Wrestler Hair-Raising Mickey Rourke’s wicked mane in the trailer gives Dog the Bounty Hunter’s mullet a run for its money.
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    Sex and the City 2

    Time 2 Stop You probably wouldn’t guess by looking at my manly, testosterone-drenched headshot, but I’ve been known to watch a chick flick in my day. I dragged my girlfriend to see SatC on opening night, but I’m a bit more skeptical about the 2010 sequel. Nobody wants a Golden Girls reunion.
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    X-Men: The New Class

    Xavier’s School for Gossipy Youngsters The creator of Gossip Girl is writing the script. That sound you hear is the keyboard-clacking of 100,000 fanboys as they furiously blog in protest.
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    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

    Ice Age Cliffhanger The second teaser teaches young boys an important lesson: Don’t let a girl steal your nuts.
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    Supergood It’s perhaps not surprising that the director of Superbad is back with another coming-of-age story, and the trailer is filled with boner jokes, mustaches and carnies. In other words, it looks awesome.
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    Magnum, P.I.

    False Arrest The rumor that Matthew McConaughey has been cast as the Mustached One has been debunked. Also debunked: the rumor that anyone not named Tom Selleck thinks this flick is a good idea. Seriously, the only ‘80s show that’s less deserving of a movie is Diff’rent Strokes. Though I’m pretty sure Gary Coleman is available.
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    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Back in Time Brad Pitt gets younger and better looking as the international trailer goes along. Yeah, life’s really fair.
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    Don Quixote

    Good Investment The first time Terry Gilliam tried to make this movie, a flood destroyed the set and sent the production into bankruptcy. Somehow, he found financing for a second attempt. Guess the government’s gotta spend all that bailout money somehow.

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