Arnold Schwarzenegger's DVD Commentary is the Best We've Ever Heard

Arnold Schwarzenegger's DVD Commentary is the Best We've Ever Heard

Nov 21, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger has flexed his muscle in some of the most-loved cult action films of all time. While movies like The Terminator are highly quotable, it's the Governator's DVD commentary that has our attention this morning. The actor added his thoughts — if you can call them that — to several DVD extras for films like Total Recall and Conan the Barbarian, and it's amusing to say the least.

The 1990 sci-fi actioner starring Arnie alongside Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside gets the Schwarzenegger treatment when the actor literally just narrates what's happening on the screen. "Now things are going wrong with the face," and, "Here's the great moment with the sweat running down … " are just a few gems. Arnie's perverted, little laugh about the woman with three breasts is kind of spine chilling. Meanwhile, director Paul Verhoeven can barely get a word in. Stick around for the second video's Conan commentary, because it's perhaps even better. Enjoy the hilarity that awaits you below.

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