Arnold Schwarzenegger's Biggest Role Regret Is Turning Down Michael Bay's 'The Rock'

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Biggest Role Regret Is Turning Down Michael Bay's 'The Rock'

Jan 15, 2013

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger is out promoting his upcoming action film The Last Stand – and rather than just hit the talk show and junket circuit, the former California governor is embracing the power of the Internet by engaging with Reddit users in one of the site’s popular Ask Me Anything sessions.

As usual, pretty much anything goes over at Reddit, so we don’t get a ton of questions about The Last Stand, but Schwarzenegger did reveal a few interesting tidbits about his career and his hopes for the future – and also showed off his iPad penmanship in a few answers.

When asked what role he most regretted turning down, Schwarzenegger responded with Michael Bay’s The Rock. The actor says, “I love the movie, and it turned out well. When it was offered to me there was only an 80-page script with a lot of handwriting and scribbles and it didn't seem fully baked. But they obviously did a fantastic job.” Of course, he never clarifies which role he would have played. It’s hard to picture him playing Cage’s character and he wasn’t really old enough to play the Connery part – that guy had been locked away for ages.

The Bay lovefest continues in another question, where Schwarzenegger is asked what directors he’d most like to work with. “I would like to work with Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. Also, Sam Raimi would be great to work with.” We can certainly see Arnold in a Bay film – but seeing him work with Spielberg and Raimi would be more interesting if only because they’d probably lead to very different performances than we’re used to.

When asked about doing the rumored sequel to Twins, the actor took to his iPad to write “Yes I will make Twins II with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy.” Seems pretty straightforward to us.

And finally, the iconic action star showed off his sense of humor when a Reddit user asked him: “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Predators or one Predator-sized duck?” Schwarzenegger told the questioner that he’d opt for the Predator-sized duck, because he’s “already fought a Predator-sized Predator so I am confident I could handle the duck.”

Swing by Reddit for more of the wit and wisdom of Schwarzenegger and catch The Last Stand when it opens nationwide this Friday. 


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