Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits 'Terminator: Salvation' Stunk; Forgets He Was In It

Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits 'Terminator: Salvation' Stunk; Forgets He Was In It

Apr 06, 2015

We're less than three months away from Terminator Genisys hitting theaters and so the marketing machine is shifting into higher gears. The four stars of the new film were recently on Good Morning America to drum up some promotion for the new movie, but in order to do that, one of them had to throw the last movie under the bus. Amusingly enough, it was the original Terminator himself.

When asked about his favorite of the franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger said "all three had their own little personalities and interesting storylines," which is a nice, diplomatic way of not playing favorites. But when the interviewer points out that Arnold wasn't in Terminator Salvation he responds with a blunt "Thank God. It Sucked."

What's funny isn't that he's right (I kind of like the movie, and even I think it stinks), but that Arnold has totally forgotten that he actually is in Terminator Salvation. Or, rather, his approved likeness is.

Christian Bale has a short but certainly noteworthy showdown with Schwarzenegger's original T-800 model in Salvation's finale. Granted, it was a CGI recreation (as seen above) since the actor was the Governor of California while Salvation was filming, but Arnold almost assuredly got paid to lend his likeness to the movie. Which means that he's now getting paid on the promo tour for the next Terminator movie to make fun of the last Terminator movie, which he forgot he was briefly in. That's kind of amazing.

It's also not the first time someone involved with Terminator: Salvation is crapping on it while promoting another movie. While promo'ing Clash of the Titans, Salvation star Sam Worthington admitted to press that the movie had some goofy gaps and that he "felt like an idiot" for not telling as much to director McG, while Christian Bale was a bit more gracious when he acknowledged that the movie "didn't work."

So now the real question is, if Terminator Gensisys is hit with the same critical and commercial malaise as Salvation, how long will it be before Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, or Schwarzenegger himself are throwing it under the bus?



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