Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Pump Iron and Tease Wanting to Do the New 'Predator'

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Pump Iron and Tease Wanting to Do the New 'Predator'

Apr 20, 2016

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There is a law that says you can't talk about a new Predator without at least bringing up the man who killed the alien headhunter the first time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He hasn't been in any of the three sequels since the original, but that's not stopping everyone from wondering if he'll step in front of the camera for his Predator co-star Shane Black, who is directing the new movie.

It's not exactly idle speculation, either. Black and Schwarzenegger have basically been openly flirting with the project through the press. Whenever one of them is asked about it, they're always on the verge of having a lunch or having a meeting with the other party. Just today Schwarzenegger was asked about the project again during a live Facebook session and while his answer is still noncommittal, we wanted to share it for two reasons.

First, the quote: "I'd love to do another Predator, but it has to be a good script. I think Shane Black is directing the next one, so I think that would be a good Predator."

That's a pretty simple 1 + 1 = 2 equation. He'd do one if it has a good script, and Shane Black is doing it, so it's probably going to have a good script. At this point it seems like if Black writes a part for Dutch (and he very well may not), Dutch would show up.

Second, it's weirdly fun to just watch Arnold do his daily workout. He cracks jokes, he talks with his other gym rats, he gives advice, and he does the whole thing with a smile on his face. Plus, there's a cameo here from, of all people, Frank Stallone. If you're an Arnold super fan and you also happen to be really into fitness, it's actually a pretty fun streaming session.


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