Are You Surprised By Netflix's Ten Most-Rented Movies?

Are You Surprised By Netflix's Ten Most-Rented Movies?

Oct 03, 2011


Netflix's cosmetic changes, price changes, and company changes (Qwikster makes me hungry for bunny flavored milk) have left subscribers peeved, but the company has released its list of the 10 most-rented films in its history to try to make up to you. It looks like 24 million subscribers have rented a Sandra Bullock movie ... a lot. The Blind Side ranks as the number one most-rented flick, followed by Crash and The Bucket List. Surprised? The rest of the list seems mostly predictable with Robert Downey Jr. in two of the most popular movies being watched at home (Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes). He's joined by the Oscar-winners like The Hurt Locker and Inception
At first glance it seems strange that blockbusters like Twilight and Harry Potter didn't make the list, but Netflix's core audience is older than the average teenager clamoring over shirtless vamps (mostly anyway ... ). The top three choices seem odd, but wouldn't most people would rather buy a movie like Inception than Crash. What's your theory? Are you surprised at the top ranking films?
10. No Country For Old Men
9. Iron Man
8. Inception
7. Sherlock Holmes
6. The Departed
5. The Hurt Locker
4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3. The Bucket List
2. Crash
1. The Blind Side
[via THR]

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