Are You Ready for a Carrie Remake?

Are You Ready for a Carrie Remake?

May 20, 2011

At this stage we're getting to the point where there really aren't a whole lot of classic horror properties that have escaped the grasp of the horror remake machine.  Most of the low-hanging fruits have already been picked (with the results almost always being messy), but apparently now we're entering the phase where Hollywood has begun to pick the same low-hanging fruit twice: MGM and Screen Gems are uniting to remake Stephen King's Carrie.

Carrie, a tale about a frail young school girl with psychic powers and plenty of horrible people in her life to use them against, originally starred Sissy Spacek in the title role, with Piper Laurie as her insane mother.  When it was remade as a TV movie in 2002, the great Angela Bettis took on Carrie, with Patricia Clarkson tackling the mother.  And while that movie was already an unnecessary remake, thanks to the perfect casting, it actually wasn't half-bad.  But if the first remake is just not half-bad, what chance does a second remake have?

It all comes down to casting and, unfortunately, I'm struggling to think of a young actress these days who can fully embody the exposed nerve that is Carrie.  Sure, there are plenty of actresses who could easily pull off the psychopath mother, but the most pressing concern is that MGM and Screen Gems are going to pick a full-on hottie for the role of Carrie and then try to make her look like an outcast by pulling a She's All That and sticking her in overalls and giving her a pair of glasses.  (Movie magic!)

Even though they've hired Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a man who is quite familiar with Stephen King thanks to writing the ongoing The Stand comic series, the strength of the remake is going to bank on the star.  Hopefully they go with an unknown, but considering Screen Gems,is the studio responsible for The Roommate, The Stepfather and Prom Night, odds are they'll be taking the She's All That route.

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