Are You a Big Enough Star Trek Fan to Visit a New Theme Resort in Jordan?

Are You a Big Enough Star Trek Fan to Visit a New Theme Resort in Jordan?

May 24, 2011

It's no secret that cinema's two biggest space-based franchises have some of the most spend-happy fans around, which is precisely why it's impossible to wade through the Internet for more than 45 minutes these days without coming across either Star Wars or Star Trek goods for sale.  And while plenty of fans are more than happy to spend money on things they can wear or prop up on their desk, a Middle Eastern-based company is banking on the hope that Trekkers will also literally trek around the globe to visit a luxury, Star Trek-themed hotel resort in Aqaba, Jordan. is reporting that the Red Sea Astrarium will, upon completion in 2014, feature a licensed attraction inspired by JJ Abrams' Star Trek (sorry Trekkers who don't like the reboot).  As for what that feature is, right now all we know is, "The Star Trek-themed centre will deliver a variety of multi-sensory 23rd-century experiences, culminating with a state-of-the art space-flight adventure that takes real-time immersive entertainment experiences to bold new heights."  (That better be code for a holodeck.)

So the big question is, are you willing to travel half way around the globe to stay in a Star Trek-themed hotel?  If you're wording about it being in the Middle East, don't: Having been to Jordan twice, I can vouch that it's a beautiful country with welcoming and generous people.  Plus, Aqaba is just a day's journey from Petra, so you can put on the Fedora when you take off your fleet uniform.

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