Are These the Next ‘Hunger Games’ or ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

Are These the Next ‘Hunger Games’ or ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

Jul 27, 2012

The Hunger Games

Stay Hungry: The huge box-office success of The Hunger Games confirmed that young adult (YA) audiences are hungry for suitable fare, and Hollywood studios want to give it to them. In search of the gold ring, producer Scott Steindorff (The Lincoln Lawyer) has acquired rights to YA novel Origin by 22-year-old Jessica Khoury in advance of publication. The novel’s 17-year-old heroine is a girl who has been created by scientists to be immortal in the Amazon jungles; she meets a boy and tries to find the truth about her origin. [Heat Vision]

No Kinky Stuff, Please: While Origin wants to be a successor to The Hunger Games, another book is being touted as a YA version of “mommy porn” sensation Fifty Shades of Grey -- but without the kinky sex. Warner Bros. and CBS Films are in a bidding war for movie rights to Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, which tells a passionate tale of a college good girl and a tattooed bad boy who make a bet about sex. The self-published book is already a top seller. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Back to TV: For a while there, it looked like Larry David would be making a mysterious big-screen comedy, in much the same improvisational vein as his HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, with Michael Keaton and Jon Hamm among the players signed up. Alas, ‘twas not to be. The project is still on, but HBO evidently offered a higher budget than Fox Searchlight, so the film will debut on the cable channel instead of the local drive-in. [Los Angeles Times]

Good Waves, Bro: The star of 300 as a surfer? Sure! Gerard Butler stars in Chasing Mavericks, due out in October, as a veteran surfer who teaches a young man how to handle the gnarliest waves you’ve ever seen. Curtis Hanson (LA Confidential) directed. [MTV]


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