Are the Golden Globes the Biggest Joke in Hollywood?

Are the Golden Globes the Biggest Joke in Hollywood?

Dec 16, 2010

A friend of mine, film critic Scott Weinberg, recently threw out this joke on Twitter:

Q: How many members of the Hollywood Foreign Press does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: I don't know, is Johnny Depp in it?

This was promoted by this week's Golden Globes nominations, in which Johnny Depp was nominated not once, but twice for Best Actor (Comedy/Musical) for two films that really aren't all that great (Alice in Wonderland, The Tourist). Many people have ragged on the Hollywood Foreign Press (who hand out the awards) year after year for being in the pockets of Hollywood, and giving the biggest stars unworthy nominations just so that they'll show up to their awards show.

Is it true? Well, no one from the HFPA would ever admit it, but actions always speak louder than words. For example, did you know that the entire Hollywood Foreign Press Association were flown to Las Vegas and given tickets to see Cher in concert earlier this year? And did you also know that Cher's latest film, Burlesque, was coincidentally nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) by the HFPA ... even though many compared the movie to the car accident that was Showgirls?

So why do we pay so much attention to the Golden Globes each year? Who knows -- why do we read US Weekly and obsessively look up Britney Spears crotch shots online? Fact is, we're an easy lay, and most of the people watching the Golden Globes will be a lot more familiar with Burlesque and Alice in Wonderland than The King's Speech and Black Swan. And when most of our focus is on what the stars are wearing versus which films are winning, does it really matter who gets nominated for what?

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