Are 'Dead Shadows' Better than 'Dark Shadows'? Watch This Trailer and Find Out

Are 'Dead Shadows' Better than 'Dark Shadows'? Watch This Trailer and Find Out

May 15, 2012

Dead Shadows posterA comet turns people into creepy tentacle monsters like something straight out of a Japanese hentai film in this new trailer for David Cholewa’s horror movie Dead Shadows

Starring Fabian Wolfrom, Dead Shadows has nothing to do with Dark Shadows, but instead revolves around a young man named Chris whose parents died on the night Halley’s Comet passed closest to Earth. Now, years later, another comet is set to fly across the Paris sky, and the locals are celebrating. During the revelry, Chris notices that people are beginning to act odd – and soon comes to realize that the comet is changing them in indescribable ways. It’s a fight for survival as the young man tries to live through the night while being chased by these oddly mutated humans.

Dead Shadows reminds us a bit of a cross between cult classic Night of the Creeps (played far more seriously), and a videogame like Resistance, with a healthy dose of Lovecraftian influence tossed in for good measure. The creatures look to be a mixture of CGI and old-school special effects and really do have a certain videogame quality to them. We could see these monsters turning up in any number of game titles – from the aforementioned Resistance to something like Resident Evil.

The film is currently in search of a distributor and will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival’s marketplace later this month. As First Showing points out, this will probably the be the first of many festival appearances before the film gets an actual mainstream release. We’re hoping that it does find a distributor – because Dead Shadows certainly looks more interesting than the recently released Dark Shadows.

Let us know what you think of the trailer. Swing by the movie’s official Vimeo page for more info.

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