Check Out This Exclusive Clip from the World's First Second-Screen Movie, the Sci-fi Thriller 'App'

Check Out This Exclusive Clip from the World's First Second-Screen Movie, the Sci-fi Thriller 'App'

May 29, 2014

App movieMovie studios have been pushing the second-screen experience on the Blu-ray front for awhile now. but so far the utility of having your phone or computer out while watching a movie has been confined to using the smaller screen to display things like trivia or games or interviews. A newly released movie is looking to take that idea to the next level by offering a true second-screen experience.

The appropriately titled App comes from the Netherlands and is now available On Demand in the United States. It's a sci-fi thriller about a girl who wakes up one day to find a mysterious app installed on her phone. It's called IRIS, and it's a sort of artificial intelligence that begins invading Anna's life. It starts by sending messages and images to her contacts, and gets creepier as it appears to know things about Anna that it shouldn't, sending her down a rabbit hole to find out where it came from and why it's in her life.

You could watch the movie entirely on its own and be plenty satisfied, but the filmmakers behind App actually want you to be on your own phone while watching it. If you text IRIS to the number 97-000, it'll send you instructions on how to put IRIS on your phone, and then you can use it to expand on the big screen's story by showing you different camera angles of characters being watched, as well as more information about what's going on.

We kind of dig that the first feature film to use the second-screen experience in this way is a sci-fi thriller, because it certainly sounds like something from the future to be interacting with a movie while you watch it (though don't worry, the app on your phone is harmless and doesn't do any of the creepy stuff like in the movie.) Check out an exclusive clip from the movie (it's of when Anna first discovers IRIS on her phone), and if you're intrigued, you can head to Ram Releasing's site to find out how to check out the movie for yourself.





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