This New App Lets You Know if a Movie Includes a Postcredits Scene

This New App Lets You Know if a Movie Includes a Postcredits Scene

May 29, 2013

Anything After appWe’ve all been there – you’ve just sat through a two-plus hour summer blockbuster while sucking down three gallons of Coke. Your legs are cramped, your back is protesting spending another second contorted into the stadium seating, and your bladder is threatening to revolt if you don’t get to a restroom soon. But the credits are rolling – and there’s probably a good 15 minutes worth of them to wade through on the off chance you might see a bonus scene after they roll. What do you do?

If you’re me, you sit there and tough it out only to be annoyed if there’s no reward for your effort. But what if we could find out in advance if the wait through the interminable scrawl of accountants, best boy grips and craft services people was worth it? Well, for $.99 you can.

Anything After is an Android and iOS app that allows viewers to punch in the film they’re watching and find out if there’s a scene after the end credits. It goes even a step further, allowing users to comment on whether the scene is worth sticking around for or not, too. The app is pretty handy – allowing users to check titles that aren’t out yet, currently in theater productions, and even some older films (where the app is less useful – you can fast forward on disc and VOD).

Of course, there’s a potential downside here. Even during the credits, it’s pretty rude to fire up your cell phone in a darkened theater. So, we ask that if you use this handy piece of software, please check your title before the film starts.

Anything After is currently on sale for less than a buck – which makes it well worth a look if you find yourself spending a lot of time in movie theaters. Sure, there are old-fashioned ways of finding this info for free (asking your friends who’ve seen the movie, looking online at sites like Media Stinger, or using the Run Pee app – which also lets you know when it’s safe to hit the restroom in the middle of a film…), but if you love movies and apps, Anything After is certainly worth a look.

[via CNET]


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