Another Round: The Hangover Gets Prolonged on DVD and Blu-ray

Another Round: The Hangover Gets Prolonged on DVD and Blu-ray

Sep 24, 2009

Here’s some sobering information: a little Las Vegas comedy called The Hangover with zero A-list stars managed to pull in over $273 million this summer at the box office. You can almost hear the Watchmen, Will Ferrell and other stars of failed blockbusters cracking open a cold one at that news. Director Todd Phillip’s The Hangover has also made Bradley Cooper one of Hollywood’s hottest new leading men with his role as one of three groomsmen whose drunken antics cause the disappearance of their about-to-be-wed buddy. Now Warner Bros. has announced it will bring this boozy comedy to Blu-ray and DVD on December 15. Both versions will include the theatrical cut and a prolonged Hangover, as well as a gag reel (not the dry-heave variety), outtakes, photos from the “missing camera” and “Ken Jeony’s Nonstop Hilarious Improv.” The Blu-ray has some extra kick with Mike Tyson performing “In the Air Tonight” and a “Cursing Mash-Up” that contains all the liquor-fueled profane outbursts from the movie. Sounds like a party in a clamshell case—just add your libation of choice.

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