'Annie' Trailer: Quvenzhané Wallis Makes Her Adorable Return to the Big Screen

'Annie' Trailer: Quvenzhané Wallis Makes Her Adorable Return to the Big Screen

Mar 05, 2014

The sun has finally come out and spread itself all over this delightful little debut trailer for Annie, based on the musical (and 1982 movie) you fell in love with mere seconds upon exiting your mother's womb. That's about as long as it took for us to get all swept up in the story of an orphan who's whisked away to live with a billionaire, and the revamped 2014 version looks to recapture at least some of the magic from the original.

Beasts of the Southern Wild breakout star Quvenzhane Wallis plays Annie this time out, with Cameron Diaz tasked with portraying the despicable Miss Hannigan, whose version feels more family friendly than the one Carol Burnett played back in the early '80s. 

This time around Jamie Foxx plays a billionaire who takes an orphan under his wing in order to look good during a mayoral race in New York City. Naturally he sweetens up to the little girl in red, which complicates the matter when her biological parents are located. When we spoke to Foxx earlier last year about the film, he said, "They're doing it 2014/2015-style, so more updated. 'Daddy' Warbucks is now going to be called Stacks. It's interesting because they're getting Jay-Z involved, Pharrell involved -- making it a little hipper."

Foxx also revealed they'll be using a mix of the existing music and some new stuff. "[They're] using eight of the original songs, but also creating four new songs for the franchise. I think it's really gonna land nice," adding that he'll "have a hand" in creating all the music.  

Annie hits theaters this Christmas. What do you think about the new trailer?

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