See Anne Hathaway's New Career Choice: Foul-Mouthed Rapper

See Anne Hathaway's New Career Choice: Foul-Mouthed Rapper

Apr 09, 2014

Anne Hathaway Rap

Most audiences in love with late-night host Jimmy Fallon are familiar with his History of Rap medley, performed with Justin Timberlake, but the comedian recently performed a slew of rap hits with a different singing partner. The wide-eyed, innocent-looking Anne Hathaway took to the Tonight Show stage with Fallon, digging into the foul-mouthed gangster-rap songbook — with a Broadway twist.

Fresh off her performance in the recent film adaptation of Les Miserables, Hathaway channeled her inner Snoop Dog, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar with singsongy versions of "Gin and Juice," "In Da Club" and "Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.” It’s something special.

You can hear more of the actress’ vocal talents in the animated musical adventure Rio 2, opening in theaters this weekend. Somehow, we doubt she’ll be singing about being “into having sex," but not being “into making love” in the film, but hey… there will be plenty of birds.



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