'Annabelle' Trailer: The Creepy Doll from 'The Conjuring' Gets Her Own Movie

'Annabelle' Trailer: The Creepy Doll from 'The Conjuring' Gets Her Own Movie

Jul 17, 2014

The Conjuring wasn't a smash hit for being a radically inventive horror movie that showed fans things they'd never seen before, but because it took old haunted-house tropes fans had seen before and presented them with style, grace and sincerity. It made creaking floor boards, figures in the shadows and children's dolls creepy again. And speaking of that doll, we sure hope you loved it, because now Annabelle is getting her very own movie.

James Wan is only a producer on this spin-off, with directing duties going to John R. Leonetti, the cinematographer who gave The Conjuring its lush, vintage look. And while we still don't know a ton about the plot, the October 3, 2014 movie did get a teaser trailer today that hints this movie will reveal how Annabelle came to be possessed in the first place.

An origin story for a doll that appeared in a movie for just a handful of minutes is kind of a slim thing to anchor an entire movie, but Wan hasn't really steered us wrong at this point, so if this movie's got his stamp of approval, consider us interested.





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