Anna Nicole Smith Biopic Gets a Sexy and Creepy Trailer

Anna Nicole Smith Biopic Gets a Sexy and Creepy Trailer

Jun 05, 2013

Since the days of American Psycho — a brilliant adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' novel starring Christian Bale in one of his best roles — director Mary Harron has been steadily working. She filmed a biopic about pinup queen Bettie Page, directed several TV episodes, and released the The Moth Diaries in 2011. Now she's returning with a biopic for Lifetime about Texas Playmate Anna Nicole Smith.
The former Guess model died in 2007 from a prescription-drug overdose and left behind a string of messy relationships, including one with longtime attorney Howard K. Stern (who thought he was the father of her child Dannielynn for some time). Smith's story is rife with tragedy and broken dreams, which often found her on the front pages of the tabloids. Her reality series, The Anna Nicole Smith Show, didn't help hide the struggles she faced with her family (her son, Daniel Smith, died the year before she did due to a drug interaction), her weight, her career and her ongoing financial problems.
Here's a trailer for Harron's film about the small-town girl who married rich and made it big. Agnes Bruckner plays Smith, which appears to be perfect casting — and required tons of prosthetics. The Blue Car actress also appeared in Lifetime's movie about "Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff. The Anna Nicole Story isn't exactly what we pictured Harron would direct next, but we have faith she'll pull off something interesting. Who else could creepily compose the moment in Smith's life when Stern gave her something in "a white bottle with red stripes" and then filmed her out of her mind while wearing scary clown makeup?

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