What It Looks Like When Your Favorite Movie Posters Come to Life

What It Looks Like When Your Favorite Movie Posters Come to Life

May 06, 2014

Here's one way to transform your standard movie poster into something you want to wrap your arms around and tuck into your forever box. As the below images prove, just the tiniest bit of animation sprinkled on an ordinary poster immediately makes it more alluring. 


Maybe we weren't in the mood to watch Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds before, but after seeing Tippi Hedren being attacked by a crazed flock of black birds on a continual loop we're jonesing for more evil from above.


Is this the future of movie posters? Well, technically it's already happening. Studios have been releasing motion posters online for awhile now, but these are a little different. They're calculated and subtle; less "Look at me!" and more "Wait, did you see that thing move?" 


Check out some more below and let us know your favorite. Would you be more inclined to watch a movie if its poster featured tiny animated movements? [via Imgur]



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