Our Favorite Speeches: 'Animal House'

Our Favorite Speeches: 'Animal House'

Jun 15, 2011

In the hands of a wise director, there were few comedic weapons as powerful as the late John Belushi. Back in the late '70s, John Landis was a very smart (and very fun) director. Backed by a rather hilarious script and a fantastic ensemble of actors, both young and old, Mr. Belushi was given mostly "short, sharp shocks" of stuff to do in Animal House: smashing a guitar, smashing a bottle, starting a food fight, etc.

But when Animal House dips down into its early third act doldrums, Belushi gets a wonderful moment to shine. This drunken idiot, Bluto Blutarsky ("GPA: zero point zero."), this clueless lummox who exists mainly as an example of fraternity life's most horrific monster, decides it's time to speak up and rally his troops into fighting shape. In the classic scene below, you'll see Belushi at one of his very best moments, flanked capably by Peter Riegert, Bruce McGill, Tim Matheson and the late Doug Kenney, and doing what he did best: bringing a small but palpable sense of wit and creativity to even the most slovenly of characters. Given that the legendary John Belushi appeared in only seven feature films, it's safe to say that this is some of his very best stuff. Enjoy.



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