Andy Serkis Returns For The Hobbit, Surprising No One

Andy Serkis Returns For The Hobbit, Surprising No One

Jan 11, 2011

  • Paging Captain Obvious. In news that no doubt comes as an expected, but welcome, confirmation for fans of the series, it has been confirmed that Andy Serkis will be reprising his Gollum role from The Lord of the Rings for director Peter Jackson’s two-part telling of The Hobbit. Also confirmed is Ian McKellen, returning as Gandalf the Grey. More interesting is the news that Christopher Lee and Ian Holm are both in talks, to reprise their Saruman and Bilbo Baggins (an older Bilbo) roles, respectively. With Holm and Elijah Wood both confirmed, that could mean the Jackson-created bookend scenes will unfold wherever it is the two hobbits go at the end of Return of the King. --Adam Rosenberg

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