America's First 4D Theater Opens This Summer, and Here's What It Looks Like

America's First 4D Theater Opens This Summer, and Here's What It Looks Like

Mar 27, 2014

4D theater

The next big thing in movie viewing is finally coming to America. Korean company CJ 4DPlex has just signed the papers to install the first 4D theater here in the United States. Where will it be? The Regal Cinemas Live Stadium 14 in Los Angeles.

For those tired of “boring” old 3D movies, 4D looks to take things to the next level by making the film-watching experience more interactive. This is achieved by adding various physical effects, such as motion, wind, strobe lighting, rain, fog and scent-based elements that coincide with the action on-screen. Call us skeptical, but we're hoping this is cooler in reality than it looks on paper. The idea of getting rained on in a theater doesn’t sound particularly appealing. I mean, look at that pic above -- it's like they're getting a dose of the Joker's knockout gas or something.

CJ 4DPlex is already a global leader in the 4D market, but the Regal location will mark its official U.S. debut. The company will convert a small theater in the existing building – which will seat roughly 100 people – and hopes to have it open by this coming June or July. Numerous Hollywood blockbusters are already made with 4D enhancements, but for foreign markets – where the 4D phenomenon has already started to gain a foothold.

It remains to be seen if U.S. film fans will take to the technology, but everyone will be watching to see what the reaction is in Los Angeles. It’s likely that many theater chains, having just upgraded to digital and 3D in recent years, are a bit hesitant to plunk down more money for retrofits and new tech, but if customers want the 4D experience then expect to see it at your local multiplex sooner rather than later.

Regal hasn’t revealed what the ticket price for a 4D screening will be yet, but it's likely to be more than the typical 3D ticket. Will the experience be worth it? What do you think?

If you’re curious about 4D, you can watch a video showing how it works (albeit, not in English) below.

[via /Film]


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