American Airlines and Gogo Bring Streaming Movies and TV to a Flight Near You

American Airlines and Gogo Bring Streaming Movies and TV to a Flight Near You

Aug 05, 2011

American Airlines and Gogo logosOne the joys of living in the age of wireless Internet is that we can now be online and entertained pretty much anywhere. While long flights used to mean a lot of quality time with a book and stack of magazines, it’s now entirely possible to surf the web from the (relative) comfort of your coach class seat.

And while wi-fi in the sky isn’t exactly a new thing, the ability to select and stream new movies and TV shows while in flight is something most of us haven’t experienced. American Airlines is hoping to change that.

Tech Crunch says that American has teamed up with in-flight streaming service provider Gogo to provide up to 100 new movies and TV shows to customers on its various 767 flight paths. Patrons with a wireless enabled laptop will be able to select the service from the in-flight wi-fi page. The best news? You won’t have to pay for the standard in-flight wi-fi in order to use the service.

Instead, selecting Entertainment on Demand will allow flyers to select a movie ($3.99) or television show ($0.99) from the library, enter their payment information, and then stream the video directly to their laptop. Should you land before your feature is over, it’s not a problem – films will still be viewable through that laptop and browser for 24 hours, while you’ll have 72 hours to finish any television programs.

Still in the early stages of development, American hopes to not only get the Entertainment on Demand service out to all of its wi-fi enabled aircraft as soon as possible, but to also make the service accessible through other devices. Currently, it’s only compatible with laptops, but the company wants to offer tablet and other device support in the very near future.

Curious to hear more about Entertainment on Demand? Check out the video demo below. 

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