Watch: One-Minute 'Amazing Spider-Man' TV Spot Reveals New Footage

Watch: One-Minute 'Amazing Spider-Man' TV Spot Reveals New Footage

Jun 01, 2012

Well we're approaching the thick of the summer movie season folks, so start saving those hard-earned bucks and strap on those 3D glasses because Hollywood is about to take you for a wild, big-budgeted ride. The Amazing Spider-Man arrives on July 3rd, and after that entertaining thrill-ride called The Avengers you're damn skippy fans are going to expect more out of this summer's superhero movies -- especially from a beloved character like Spider-Man, who's rebooting his entire big-screen franchise. 

This new one-minute TV spot aired during the NBA Playoffs last night, and it definitely gives us more of the same, but adds bits and pieces of new footage along the way. This film is making no secret about its final battle between Spidey and The Lizard, and according to the trailers and TV spots, that fight looks to be pretty massive. Will it top the final battle in The Avengers? Will we need a barf bag if we watch this in IMAX 3D? Guess we'll see in a few weeks ...

Check out the TV spot below and let us know what you think.

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