Andrew Garfield May Play Spider-Man Through 2020, Plus See How They Created Spidey's Greatest Visual Effects

Andrew Garfield May Play Spider-Man Through 2020, Plus See How They Created Spidey's Greatest Visual Effects

May 19, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2

We hope you like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, because it turns out the actor could be donning the iconic red-and-blue bodysuit all the way through 2020.

The Daily Star reports that Garfield has been offered an “amazing” new deal that would keep the actor in the role of Peter Parker for another couple of years. Garfield’s contract already calls for two more films in the role (due in 2015 and 2016), but bosses at Sony are so thrilled with the franchise’s performance that they’d like to lock the star up for another four films if they can.

To do this, they’re offering him an extension that not only includes a generous salary, but a profit-sharing plan that could be where the real money comes in. Robert Downey Jr. turned a profit-sharing deal into a reported $50 million payday for his work on The Avengers, and while The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may not break the billion-dollar mark (it’s currently sitting at just over $630 million globally), that could still translate to a figure with a whole lot of zeroes in it if future films perform at the same level moving forward.

Sony execs are apparently so high on the actor that they’ve said “the part is pretty much his for as long as he chooses.” So far, it looks to be his at least through the rest of this decade… [via Comic Book Movie]

Video takes us behind the scenes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s visual FX

If you’re yearning for more wall-crawling action, then this video should fit the bill nicely.

In it we learn how some of the amazing visual FX were created for the film – things like how Marc Webb insisted that physics play a real role in all of the acrobatic web-slinging, how the costumes and muscles react in CG sequences, and more.

If you’re an FX nerd, you’ll definitely want to check this out. [via io9]





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