'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Sets May 4th, 2014 Release Date

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Sets May 4th, 2014 Release Date

Aug 05, 2011

Still a ways off, but Spider-Man fans should feel happy that Sony is confident enough in their new Amazing Spider-Man reboot to preemptively claim a release date for part two almost a year before part one arrives in theaters. It makes sense, though, since they went into this reboot with a plan for a new franchise, not just one film. Chances are strong that they already know the direction they want the first three films to head in, and so all they were waiting for was some reassurance that Marc Webb and cast were delivering the goods ... which apparently they are.

By snagging the May 4th date, Marvel retains its pattern of early May releases, however this time it will be Sony with the early May slot instead of Disney. Marvel Entertainment/Disney haven't announced which films they have planned for 2014 yet, but when they do they'll have to avoid their early May comfort zone and drop those suckers on another date (perhaps later in May or early June). The main cast of The Amazing Spider-Man is expected to return, and we wouldn't be surprised if part 2 brings Mary Jane back into the picture.

Here's the teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, due out on July 3rd, 2012. [via Deadline]

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