Watch: Marc Webb and His 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Cast Explain What's Happening in the New Trailer

Watch: Marc Webb and His 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Cast Explain What's Happening in the New Trailer

Dec 05, 2013

"Peter will learn things about his past that will inform his future in very provocative ways," so says director Marc Webb in this pretty cool trailer commentary that runs almost nine minutes. In it, Webb joins other cast members like Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Dane DeHaan in breaking down some of the trailer's biggest moments by filling in some background information that's pertinent to the plot.

As we said in the other trailer post, this is a preview that not only highlights big moments from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but it also teases the future of the franchise in a few key scenes, like when that mysterious man walks past the suits for villains Doc Ock and Vulture, or when they flash a room with six doors in it, alluding to the Sinister Six -- a group of supervillains who band together to take down Spider-Man. 

Regarding the shot above, Webb says,

"The big prominent villain in this film is Electro, but there are many adversaries that Spider-Man's gonna have to face. But the evil empire -- the consistent thing between them all -- is the evil empire known as OsCorp, or what's becoming this evil empire. That's something that may inform people's viewing of the trailer." 

"Questions will be answered," Webb says with a smirk regarding the image above, which more than anything pinpoints a future film involving the six villains. He later adds,

"I wouldn't say it's a dark movie, but there are very powerful forces that are emanating from OsCorp. OsCorp is the place from which all nasty things emerge in this movie, and Spider-Man is going to have to confront that."

Webb also teases the fate of Gwen Stacy at one point, and Jamie Foxx briefly discusses his role as Electro. For more from Jamie Foxx on Electro, check out our interview with him from Comic-Con.

Here's the full trailer without the commentary. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2.




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