First Look at 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Costume; Felicity Jones Rumored to be Black Cat

First Look at 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Costume; Felicity Jones Rumored to be Black Cat

Feb 15, 2013

Felicity JonesIf there’s a better way to swing into your weekend than with these new Amazing Spider-Man 2 rumors, we don’t want to know about it. 

We already know quite a bit about the casting of Marc Webb’s sequel – for instance, it’s been revealed that Jamie Foxx will be playing Electro and Paul Giamatti is locked in for the Rhino – but now we’ve got a new name to add to the list: Felicity Jones.

The actress recently confirmed that she was joining the cast, telling Dutch website RTL Netherlands that Amazing Spider-Man 2 would mark her first foray into superhero movies. The question is, who will she be playing?

Early speculation is that Jones will play Felicia Hardy, better known to fans as the Black Cat. The character, who’s been involved with Spider-Man romantically, made her debut in Amazing Spider-Man #194 and has long been a favorite of Spider-Man readers. Bringing her into Webb’s film series would add an interesting wrinkle to the evolving story.

Of course, Jones playing the Black Cat is currently just a rumor – which is odd, considering how open Webb and company have been with revealing what actors would be playing other characters. We suspect we’ll have confirmation on just who exactly Jones will be playing in the coming weeks – so don’t take this as the gospel just yet. [via Geek Tyrant]

Meanwhile, if you’re not already following director Marc Webb on Twitter, you should click this link to remedy that posthaste. The filmmaker has been giving fans an inside look at the new movie through a series of photos and videos of the preproduction process – and the latest has everyone talking.

One of Webb’s most recent tweets was a link to a video – and in that video is our first look at the mask many assume Andrew Garfield will be wearing in the new movie. Not a huge deal – except that it’s black.

Spider Man 2 mask eye

While some are guessing that this could mean Venom is going to show up, that seems unlikely with two villains already announced. Others have theorized it means maybe Spidey is going to don the black alien symbiote costume he found in Marvel’s Secret Wars. We’re not sure that’s going to be the case, either – especially given that there’s no way Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to tackle that story. We suppose maybe it could be Black Cat – but it doesn’t quite look right for that either, although it does look a bit like cat-eye glasses in the corner. Even the video title doesn’t help -- #thebettertoseeyouwith doesn’t appear to reveal any vital clues.

So, we’re intrigued by the image in the video, but your guess is as good as ours when it comes to figuring out what it means exactly. Do have theories or thoughts about the Black Cat rumor? Share them with us in the comment section below. [via /Film]

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