Watch: George Lucas' Daughter Kick Ass as an MMA Fighter

Watch: George Lucas' Daughter Kick Ass as an MMA Fighter

Feb 21, 2012

Move over Gina Carano, our new favorite female MMA fighter is Amanda Lucas, who you may know as the daughter of one of the most beloved and hated men in geek history. Yes, that George Lucas. For those who weren't already familiar with the exploits of George Lucas' children, then say hello to Amanda Lucas, an up-and-coming MMA fighter (and former hip-hop teacher) who just defeated Yumiko Hotta in order to win the women's openweight title and improve her record to 4-1-0.

Unlike her father, however, Lucas is not interested in mining the Star Wars galaxy for additional dollars. In fact, she tries to distance herself from the franchise, against the wishes of her fight promoters who'd like nothing more than for her to walk out with Darth Vader, or to John William's iconic Star Wars score. Lucas wants none of that, though. She wants to do her own thing, away from the Vaders and Skywalkers, and we dig that (even though they still made the poor girl pose with Star Wars characters after she won her fight; see above). 

You can watch Lucas' championship fight below, and scope out this Sports Illustrated article for more on the MMA fighter.

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