See Some Cool, Unused Versions of Hollywood's Most Iconic Movie Posters

See Some Cool, Unused Versions of Hollywood's Most Iconic Movie Posters

May 22, 2013

One of the best parts about working at a movie theater in my youth (aside from free movies and not having to be at work before noon) was raiding the poster room for one-sheets and banners. I’ve always loved movie posters – pretty much from the first time I saw a Jaws one-sheet as a kid. There’s just something magical about a great poster, and we’ve certainly seen a lot of them over the years.

However, it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that even the best movie posters of all time were just one of several potential options a marketing department had come up with. Any of our favorite iconic posters could have easily been passed over for other options. In some cases, this would have been a real tragedy – I mean, who can imagine a film like The Exorcist with a different image on the poster? That doesn’t make it any less fascinating to look at the other options and imagine what might have been.

Website Daybees has a fascinating feature currently online that looks at a few of Hollywood’s most iconic poster images and shares some of the early alternatives. If you love film posters and marketing, you’ll certainly want to peruse the entire gallery – but we’re sharing a few of our favorites here to whet your appetite. One thing we've learned here: for all the complaining about how Hollywood often gets things wrong, they made the right choice on pretty much every single one of these pieces of artwork.

A Clockwork Orange (alternate)


A Clockwork Orange (alternate 2)


A Clockwork Orange (official)


Batman (alternate)


Batman (official)


Pulp Fiction (alternate)




Pulp Fiction (alternate)


Pulp Fiction (alternate 3)


Pulp Fiction (official)


The Exorcist (alternate)


The Exorcist (official)


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