Alleged Ashton Kutcher Mistress Puts “Ashton Sweater” on eBay

Alleged Ashton Kutcher Mistress Puts “Ashton Sweater” on eBay

Dec 21, 2010

In a lame attempt to get something out of being Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress, one Brittney Jones is selling a sweater she says Ashton gave her on eBay for an initial asking price of $500. According to TMZ, it comes with this note: “This sweater was given to me after spending the night with Ashton. I no longer have any attachment to this sweater and I am hoping someone else will enjoy it." Not only is that one of the skankiest money-grabbing endeavors we've seen, but it’s also shady as all hell. Does it come with a certificate of authenticity that I can tape to my wall of creepy Ashton Kutcher memorabilia?

Kutcher, meanwhile, denies having anything to do with Jones, and is trying to block the company releasing her sex tape from using his name as a selling point. Um, has anyone informed them that using Ashton Kutcher’s name isn’t a selling point? See: Killers, Spread and Personal Effects.

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