See All Your Favorite Movies Blend Brilliantly With Animation in This Short Film

See All Your Favorite Movies Blend Brilliantly With Animation in This Short Film

May 12, 2015

Is too much screen time dangerous for children? Can they wind up confusing reality with the movies and television shows they're regularly watching on devices like smart phones and tablets? That's a debate for others to handle, but that idea is at the center of an incredible animated short by Ornana Films. You may know the studio from their 2014 SXSW Film Festival bumpers. Now it's time to know them better for All Your Favorite Shows.

Danny Madden is the man behind the Plympton-like drawings, and the short would be great enough with just the animation stuff. Instead, it's a truly remarkable and brilliantly edited "found imagery" work -- Mari Walker is the editor, by the way -- that compiles clips from tons of movies, most notably The Matrix, Blade Runner, Spider-Man, Run Lola Run, Forrest GumpThe Avengers (and the MCU franchise), Mulan and 300, but so many more. A lot of running clips, so obviously Tom Cruise is in there somewhere.

Madden told Filmmaker magazine how he'd storyboarded the whole thing with the animation and then asked Walker for clip ideas, noting that she has an uncanny ability to recall shots from just about any movie she's seen. As he explains it, "I would say something like, 'Ya know how the hero will turn around and look over his shoulder all badass-like?' Then Mari would close her eyes for a minute, almost trancelike, and draft up a mental list of films and scenes where that sort of thing happens."

Watch the short, which screeened at SXSW this year, and see how many movies you can name.


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