Watch: A Version of 'Godzilla' That Features Only the 'Godzilla' Scenes in the Movie

Watch: A Version of 'Godzilla' That Features Only the 'Godzilla' Scenes in the Movie

Sep 10, 2014


One of the biggest complaints leveled against this summer’s Godzilla was that Gareth Edwards didn’t give his star nearly enough screen time. For a movie about a giant rampaging monster stomping on civilization, there’s a real dearth of monster action in the film, as Edwards chooses to focus primarily on the human drama of the story.

This is not an unheard-of technique. Spielberg’s masterful Jaws doesn’t show its titular behemoth until well into the film, and the shark doesn’t get an abundance of screen time even after his first appearance. However, in Jaws’ case, this was more out of necessity than an artistic choice. The mechanical shark didn’t work very well, so Spielberg had to work around his temperamental star.

For whatever reason, we don’t actually see Godzilla until an hour into the recent update – and even after that moment, the monster gets approximately 11 minutes of screen time, with a bunch of it being shrouded in shadows, shot from a distance, or obscured by smoke. However, if you just wanted to see the Godzilla supercut featuring nothing but the rampaging lizard, then YouTube user John Nemesis has cobbled together an alternate version of the film that’s all Godzilla, all the time.


Nemesis’ video only runs eight minutes, while most people cite there being closer to 11 minutes of Godzilla doing his thing, but it’s close enough to drive home the point that the title character really didn’t get to a big role in his own movie. He still did better than the monster in Cloverfield, though.

Check out the video above.

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